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Vendemmia 2018 Ottomani – Pallò

Vendemmia 2018 Ottomani

Vino in Anfora- Pallò

Pallò vendemmia 2018, vino in anfora , Azienda Agricola Ottomani. Fermentazione e affinamento con Pallò.


Ottomani was born in 2006 as a four friends’ project, who decided to start their own venture after graduating in oenology at the University of Florence and following different job experiences in important wineries in the area. Slowly, but steadily, we set up a little farm for the production of our wine and olive oil. Working with autochthonous varieties only and using biological-biodynamical techniques of cultivation and winemaking, we decided, from the beginning, not to use any chemical, preferring to work exclusively with agronomical methods which are sustainable for the environment. The importance that the we give to the manual work in the fields and to the natural oenological techniques, allows the production of wines and extra virgin olive oil of exceptionally high quality, resulting from the combination of modern and traditional techniques.